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About the Dancing


Dancing is for everyone. It is accessible to all ages and abilities. It is based on the partnership of two people who work as a team. This has been traditionally viewed as man and lady but the more modern approach is to see it as leader and follower in a partnership where understanding of both roles is beneficial.

The programme is for the development of styles of dancing.


Ballroom Dances  

The swing dances;

The Slow Modern Waltz, The Quickstep, and The Slow Foxtrot.


The Ballroom Tango and The Viennese Waltz


Latin Dances

 The Cha Cha Cha, The Rumba, The Jive, Rock `n` Roll, The Samba,

and The Paso Doble.


The Argentine Tango



The Bonuses and Benefits of Dancing


Dancing is good for us. It contributes to physical and mental wellbeing. It takes place in a social setting and helps with confidence and self awareness. Taking part in the activity of dancing provides opportunities to be creative.


The best thing of all about dancing is the joy and fun it gives us. 





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