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Review of dancing 2018

A good year. Old friends and new dancing with us. We`re pleased that our dancers can join up steps and use the floor with independence.

As for us, we continue to enjoy our lessons with Caroline and the workshops she organizes. She is always  positive and helpful and we come away full of new ideas and inspiration.

We continue to be challenged by the Argentine Tango in lessons and worshops as we develop our understanding of improvisation, interpreting music and the dancing relationship with our partner. Thanks, Patricia and Billy.



October Update

Another great  weekend - a dance for us to a good band and a fabulous R n R workshop with our wonderful teacher, Caroline Coomber. Stepping out into the lovely world of dancing.


September Update

Last week we went to a workshop for the Argentine Tango run by Tangoness. The teacher was Milena Pleb from Argentina. She told us it was her first visit to Scotland and that she was delighted to be here. She said that she found it quite moving to discover that her country`s dance was being enjoyed in Inverness. Milena was an inspiring teacher. Her musical sensitivity shone through every aspect of the lesson and she showed us the importance of expressing the music in harmony with our partners.



Summer 2018


We have had a break from teaching this summer but we have continued dancing. We`ve developed new routines for the samba, foxtrot and rumba.

It seems a long time since June when we were in Blackpool at the UKA Conference. We were lucky to watch and be taught by wonderful and inspiring world class dancers and teachers. They showed us what can be done and how ideas can be developed. A refresher weekend is just the ticket and we are looking forward to the next workshops in Aberdeen this winter. 


The bees have thrived during the glorious weather and have benefited from all the wild trees and flowers in the Birichen district. Not to mention the beautiful gardens and Fay`s lime tree. Lovely honey!


The highlight of August has to be  the Poppy Scotland event in Dornoch. Thanks to Lorna & her team at the Carnegie Whisky Cellars we all had a great afternoon and the rock`n`roll was fun.


debbie and lorna dornoch firth dancers

Debbie and Lorna - Dornoch Firth Dancers



Looking Back over the Year`s Dancing at Clashmore


The dancing at the Carnegie Hall, Clashmore has been great. We have taught some beautiful routines from a range of Ballroom and Latin dances to some wonderful people.

We began with the Viennese Waltz and the Samba and followed with several the quicksteps, slow modern waltzes, ballroom tangos and foxtrots. On the latin side we have worked on several routines for jives, rumbas and cha cha chas. All in all Wednesday evenings have been pleasant, productive and satisfying.

The hall itself cannot be praised enough. It is warm, full of light and the large floor is a joy to dance on.

This year we have continued to develop our dancing skills and we have had in service training for  all the dances and ways of teaching them.

We have been learning the Argentine Tango and Paso Doble and we are looking forward to sharing them in the New Year. They are both great fun!


June 6th


Didn`t we have a lovely time the days we spent in Blackpool. We were immersed in dancing. What fun! We spent as much time as we could in the Tower Ballroom enjoying dancing to the two amazing organs and being spellbound by the awesome hall and its magnificent and enormous dance floor. When we paused for breath it was facinating to watch the dancers who ranged from little children joining in, to a couple in their nineties celebrating their wedding anniversary with their own waltz. Not to mention the professionals strutting their stuff !!

The UKA conference took place in The Winter Gardens,  yet another impressive venue. It was inspiring and we learned so much.



May 28th.

The Saltburn Waltz

The waltz at Saltburn was great fun and the good news is that we broke the UK record for numbers taking part. There were rumours that we could have another go next year. Guaranteed sunshine would be useful. It would be really special to dance on the wonderful long pier.


Blackpool 2018

Just back from Blackpool. All good. Especially enjoyed learning new routines for the foxtrot, waltz and quickstep. We loved learning the Argentine tango routines.

It was interesting to see the experts in the different forms of dance. The swing and belly dancing were great. We`re going to work on some of the new routines and we are looking forward to next year already.

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