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Next class - November 22nd.


 See you on Wednesday for a 7.30 start. 




June 6th


Didn`t we have a lovely time the days we spent in Blackpool. We were immersed in dancing. What fun! We spent as much time as we could in the Tower Ballroom enjoying dancing to the two amazing organs and being spellbound by the awesome hall and its magnificent and enormous dance floor. When we paused for breath it was facinating to watch the dancers who ranged from little children joining in, to a couple in their nineties celebrating their wedding anniversary with their own waltz. Not to mention the professionals strutting their stuff !!

The UKA conference took place in The Winter Gardens,  yet another impressive venue. It was inspiring and we learned so much.



May 28th.

The Saltburn Waltz

The waltz at Saltburn was great fun and the good news is that we broke the UK record for numbers taking part. There were rumours that we could have another go next year. Guaranteed sunshine would be useful. It would be really special to dance on the wonderful long pier.